What Does A Digital Marketing Agency Do

    A Digital Marketing Agency will help your business sell products/services in the digital world. The right way to do that is to get to know your industry and business well. After analyzing the market well, Agency starts to find platforms to promote your business correctly.

    We do all of that, but unlike other agencies, our main goal is to highlight your uniqueness. So we take your special ways to the center and make a marketing plan based on these ways.

How Big is Carpedima

    We are growing since the day we begin while leaving satisfied customers behind. Right now; Carpedima has 10-15 workers (some of it freelancers so not a persistent number) and still continiue to grow. By the time you read this, we'll probably be a lot bigger :D

How Is Your Working Process

     When we agree on working together, you will contact one of our accountmans. Our accountman will analyze your brand, find your strong and weak sides, and gives that info to our marketing team. Then we start to create a digital marketing plan for your brand and share it with you. After you accept that plan, we start execution and share results with you. (Every step of that process, you will have full contact with your accountman and you will be informed about everything.)

How Fast I Can See The Results 

     It depends on the service we're using and your industry. But generally; there are 2 types of services.
     In long-term investments like social media management and SEO, the result will be seen in 4-6 months max.
     In the short term investments like Fb Ads and Google Ads, will be seen in 1-2 months max.